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Efficient R & D team:

The company established the employment mechanism conducive to finding out, keeping talents, and the development of talents with the principle of “putting people first”. It gives full play to staff’s enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, constantly enhances staff’s awareness of consciously managing themselves and self-improvement, and gradually forms a R & D team with reasonable talent structure, strong competitiveness which is in line with the company’s development.

At present, there are almost 100 people in the R & D center, and the proportions of people with college degree, bachelor degree and master degree are 20%, 30% and 10% respectively. They all graduated from full-time university, and their majors include mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, materials and so on. Engineers engaging in rackets R & D for more than five years account for 30%, for over 10 years account for 10%. About 80% of the people less than 35 years old occupy important posts, and the R & D team is formed mainly by the middle-aged and young people.

High efficient working environment:

High efficient R & D management software

In 2010, the R & D center cooperated with the Xiamen UFIDA Software on the introduction of PDM (product data management)system, which integrates all products’ development process (including workflow, approval/issuance process, design changes, etc.) with product information (including engineering norms, electronic culture, scanned images, CAD/CAE/CAM files, product structure, product orders, supplier status, etc. ) so as to offer the management of the entire product life cycle and establish a parallel-cooperative environment for developing products.

Hold outward bound regularly to enhance teamwork.