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With the rapid development of manufacturing techniques of materials, fiber composites like advanced composite material carbon fiber, silicon carbide fiber and Kelvar fiber are widely used in the bike industry. Carbon fiber and the composites have a series of outstanding features such as high specific strength, high specific modulus, resistance to corrosion, impact resistance, resistance to fatigue, high stability of the size. Having the experience of using carbon fiber for 30 years, our Company has successfully applied such materials to the production process of bike frame and other related accessories.

I. Production application


II. Product structure design

Our Company has rich experience in designing product structure and using materials, besides, it also has the computer-aided design like stress analysis software. All this enables the product to achieve the optimal weight-rigidity ratio and dramatically shortens development period.

III. Process design

A variety of process designs make it possible for various product designs to have different choices and simplify the process: Lug/Co-cure/Monocoque process and Lug with Co-cure process.

Our Company imports the latest UV process in coating phase so as to shorten the whole process cycle.

IV. Mold design

Scientific and systematic mold design simplifies the process, shortens the period of die sinking and lowers the cost.